London and Manchester Data Centres

London and Manchester Data Centres

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LDeX Group is a carrier neutral datacentre operator in the United Kingdom which offers best in class enterprise grade colocation, network connectivity and streaming media satellite services across its portfolio of clients which operate in varying sectors such as managed services, media and streaming, financial services, enterprise and government.

With enterprise grade premium colocation facilities situated in both London and Manchester, our datacentres offer the ultimate hosting environment for your mission critical servers, systems and infrastructure with a combined capacity of 9MVA.

At LDeX Group, we have invested in the most resilient equipment in order to ensure that your business does not experience a moment of downtime. At each our datacentres, racks are provided with truly diverse A+B feeds as standard. With N+N UPS protection, rack power is reserved on 2x diverse UPS banks for complete fail over capabilities which are far more resilient than N+1 alternatives. Diesel generator power is always on standby with a minimum of one week’s fuel supply on site and 24×7 refuelling contracts in place to each data centre ensuring that your business is never offline and protected at all times.

We offer customers a superior level of client service across the business and this is reflected in our ethos of offering flexible bespoke colocation solutions to our customers which suit their requirements ranging from quarter racks to dedicated cages and data halls.

Our customer focused team offers unique support to each customer, enabling them to get on with what they do best. The team give real time updates and advice on rack activity levels and work that is needed to be carried out.

For more information about our datacentre services, please contact [email protected]