Things You Can Buy with Cryptocurrency in Ireland

Things You Can Buy with Cryptocurrency in Ireland

Cryptocurrency has now become a multi-billion-dollar industry. As more people are now investing in cryptocurrency, the business is accelerating day by day. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the market today.

People and businesses are now accepting cryptocurrency as a trusted payment option. So, normal transactions are also carried out in this currency. Ireland has adopted cryptocurrency and here are some of the things you can buy with it.


You can now buy pizza using the Pizzaforcoins or other platforms. You can pay for your pizza using Bitcoin. So, many foodies are now encouraged to buy cryptocurrency and use it to buy pizza.

Real estate

You can buy and sell properties using Bitcoin. Various real estate platforms accept Bitcoin. Bitcoin real estate is one of the most popular real estate platforms to allow real estate trading using Bitcoin.


The fashion sector is now accepting cryptocurrencies. You can buy clothes with Bitcoins. You can do this on online platforms like Bitgear. Many other clothing businesses are now using cryptocurrencies.


You can buy Rolex or Rado using cryptocurrencies. These popular brands are now accepting this virtual currency, so you can buy them from any part of the world using a secured payment method.

Flight tickets

Are you planning a vacation or business trip? You can buy your air tickets using Bitcoins. Online platforms like Expedia and CheapOairaccept Bitcoins for buying tickets. Travellers now look for platforms offering cryptocurrencies rather than discounts.


You can buy electronic items like mobile phones, televisions, computers, and other things from online platforms like Newegg using cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies have made it very convenient to buy things. You will not have to worry about security when doing transactions online.