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Data Centre Power & Cooling

Power Protection and Delivery

Our on-site, private substation is fed diversely, so we’re not relying on a single mains supply to power the data centre.  Both feeds come from different primary upstream substations and deliver power into the facility on diverse routes.

Electrical distribution from our energy centre to your racks is completely diverse.  A+B 32Amp rated circuits are standard with a minimum of 2N UPS power protection - we can supply up to 2(n+1).  Your rack power is reserved on two independent UPS strings in the energy centre for total power availability insurance.

Behind the UPS systems your equipment is backed up by generator power with a minimum of 7 days fuel supply on-site and a 24/7/365 refueling contract in place to make sure we never run out.

Key Power Protection Features
  • On-site energy centre and private LDeX substation
  • 2N diverse mains feeds from two independent primary sub-stations
  • 2N diverse power provision to all racks in the data centre
  • A+B Supplies included as standard on 32A circuits
  • Up to 2(n+1) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems
  • Diesel generator supply with up to 7000 litres of fuel on-site
  • Remote and on-site monitoring of all critical infrastructure
High Capacity Cooling

We’ve invested in the latest highly efficient cooling technologies which enables us to deliver a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of <1.3.  Cooling system components are fully redundant to ensure we can maintain suitable temperatures in the event of equipment failure or planned maintenance.

Our standard cooling configuration includes a 600mm ceiling void above the 48u racks in the data centre.  Air from the warm aisles is drawn into the void through vents in the suspended ceiling and channelled directly into the plenums on the air handling units to make sure the hot air is circulated and conditioned with maximum efficiency, maximum effectiveness and minimum cold/warm air mixing. The ceiling void and direct heat channeling methodology reduces the possibility of hot spots within the data centre.

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