Media Platform Benefits

Media Platform Benefits

LDeX1 Data Centre

At the heart of the Media platform is the LDeX1 Data Centre. This facility is designed for maximum power resilience with N plus N power to each cabinet, energy efficiency with green electricity from renewable sources and fixed electricity pricing until 2017. The facility scales up to 500 rack footprints in five data halls and is manned 24 x 7 x 365.

LDeX1 24 x 7 Support

Media Platform members benefit from LDeX’s data centre remote hands and technical services team. Support is provided by the highly skilled LDeX team including Unix support Cisco networking support to CCIE level, racking, cabling and general remote hands available 24 x 7 x 365.

LDeX Connect Low Latency Network

LDeX Connect have developed a low latency multi-homed network targeted at members who don’t have the experience of dealing with ISPs and Internet Registries, but still require a fast connection to the Internet. This network platform has been created by peering with the largest IP networks in the world as well as the largest Internet Exchange Points in Europe. We can establish direct connections for our clients with the major global ISPs g and remove network hops and latency, giving a consistent and fast direct connection. The network is resilient with built in dual core network architecture with multiple redundant network POPs in LDeX1 and Telehouse North giving multiple 10Gbps network capability .


LDeX1 benefits from being on net with Level (3)’s global Content Distribution Network. Direct peering is also available to other leading global CDN’s including Akamai and other CDN’s from Media Platform members..

Fixed Line Access

Access tails enabling clients to connect into the platform are available from leading European communications providers including BT, Colt, EU Networks, Sprint and Virgin Media. For clients that require large amounts of data, diverse dark fibre is also available in LDeX1 via Geo.

Media Hub

Media Hub services are available through the LDeX Media Platform members enabling services such as downlinking, encoding, packaging, storage and secure streaming of premium broadcast content, including Digital Rights Management solutions from Adobe and Microsoft.
The hub currently downlinks and encodes over 100 channels for various broadcasters and is able to offer high quality multi bitrate streaming in a wide variety of formats (including HLS, RTMP, HDS, RTSP, HTTP, Smooth Streaming and MPEG Dash). The Hub’s multi-platform Live Streaming solution includes comprehensive rights management, EPG ingest, video ad serving, integrated paywall capabilities, real-time analytics and integrations with multiple CDN (Content Delivery Network) partners.
The Media Hub is certified by FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) for online distribution of premium media content.

Satellite Downlink

LDeX have deployed an optical distribution system to downlink feeds from the installed satellite farm. The system gives LDeX the ability to hand off multiple feed types to its members from a single coax feed to an optical feed allowing the client to build their own in rack highly scalable distribution system.


LDeX Media Platform customers can connect to AWS directly from the LDeX1 data centre via a simple cross-connect that can be established within days. Customers are able to achieve sub millisecond latency between their infrastructure and AWS infrastructure, resulting in improved application performance and security. This service is available in LDeX from multiple on-net providers.


Disk storage can be provided via some of the platform members including Cloud backup solutions where data is stored between multiple Data Centres for optimum resilience and scalability.

Global Tier 1 Networks

Clients in the LDeX1 data centre can connect directly to the largest IP networks in the world via a simple cross connect including:

  • Level(3) which has the largest IP backbone globally
  • Cogent Communications which now a top 5 globally connected network
  • Sprint which is ranked as a top 10 globally connected network provider
  • NTT which is globally renowned as being the second largest IP network provider and can also be provided into LDeX via a backhaul network
European Tier 2 Networks

Clients in the LDeX1 data centre can benefit from the best regional peering by using one of the many on-net tier 2 service providers. These providers provide an array of connectivity options and the list is growing all the time.