Client Facilities

Client Facilities On-Site

A Convenient, Comfortable Technical Environment

LDeX’s primary focus is to protect your server and telecommunications equipment, but we also ensure that your engineers visit to the data centre is a pleasant experience by providing a range of client facilities and dedicated areas for specific types of working.

We know your engineers can find themselves on-site at 2am - our on-site facilities make it bearable.

Separate Delivery, Build & Un-boxing Area

Keep cardboard out of the data centre and avoid building servers at your rack in a fit for purpose environment.  Our dedicated delivery, unboxing and build areas offer enough room for you to work comfortably before attending your racks for installation.

You can even patch through to your racks from the build area to configure your servers away from the technical areas in a more suitable environment.

Secure Storage

LDeX data centres have dedicated secure storage areas to store your deliveries until your engineers attend site for installation.  Have your equipment sent direct to site and we’ll keep it safe and secure.

Client Lounge with Wi-Fi, TV & Seating

Outside of the data centre environment, but equally secure, the LDeX Client Lounge provides an area for quiet working, relaxation and meetings.  With comfortable seating, facilities such as phone & laptop charging stations, refreshments, TVs and complimentary WiFi services.

Hot Desks

Hot desks are available to all visitors and provide private working conditions with internet access.

Private Lockers

Individual client lockers are provided on site so you can leave your tools, spares and essentials at the data centre within a secured environment.  By utilising these lockers you can always have what you need on site should you need to attend unexpectedly.

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