London Colocation - Private Cages & Suites

Your Dedicated, Ultra Secure Footprint

A dedicated cage within our data centre offers an additional layer of caged security and restricted area access for multiple rack clients and resellers.  Growth plans are available for staged occupation and cages are available from just a few racks up to dedicated 100+ rack caged suites.

Secure Cages & Suitesdata centre secure cage

For an additional layer of security, clients with multiple racks in our data centre may choose to colocate within a private secure cage.   Cages are readily available for a minimum of 5 racks.

Within the cage all racks will be provided with A+B power from diverse UPS systems and benefit from a power allocation that can be aggregated over the entire footprint.

Data Centre Migration Friendly

We understand the potential resource drain, risks and costs associated with migrating your data centre from one or multiple facilities into LDeX.  Contracts can overlap leading to huge expense and large setup costs at a new location can often stop a potential migration in its tracks.

At LDeX we take the long term, pragmatic view.  We’ll work with you to understand the scale of your project and engineer the contract to ensure the migration carries no unnecessary costs.

We’ll assign a lead support engineer to work with you and help coordinate deliveries, out of hours logistics, installations, cabling and anything else which helps the migration run smoothly.

During migration periods we offer substantial concessions on support, installation work and rack costs to ensure your data centre migration works in everyone’s favour and achieves its purpose.

VAR & Growth Ready

Caged space within our data centre lends itself perfectly to VAR partners who resell LDeX data centre space as an integral part of their solutions.  A private cage provides that extra USP to differentiate your proposition from the competition.

Based on anticipated growth and occupancy plans, we will tailor a ‘stepped’ contract to stage occupation within the cage over an agreed period of time – reserving space and power for future use.

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