London Data Exchange

LDeX - London Data Exchange

LDeX (London Data Exchange Ltd) provide network independent, carbon neutral, colocation data centres within the M25 in London.

Small, medium, corporate and enterprise clients looking to outsource and colocate their data centre but still maintain complete control over their server operations work with LDeX to achieve the ideal technical space for their IT systems and to partner with a company focused on providing an optimum operating environment and outstanding client care.

You know what you do, we appreciate what you do and we’ll help you to deliver it with total confidence in your data centre and the people behind it.

Accreditations : ISO9001, ISO50001, ISO27001

Members of the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres

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Space:  (12u) Qtr Rack (22u) Half Rack (48u) Full Rack 2+ (48u) Racks Secure Cage
Power:  <8 Amps Inc. 8 Amps Inc. 12 Amps Inc. 16 Amps Inc. 16+ Amps Inc.
Timescale:  <1 month <3 months <6 months <12 months 12 months +
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