Colocation FAQ - London colocation

Colocation Frequently Asked Questions

The Facility

Where will my servers be colocated?

Your server will be collocated at the LDeX1 data centre, London. The LDeX1 data centre is a state of the art, purpose built facility within the M25.

You say you are carrier neutral - what is a ‘carrier neutral data centre?’

A carrier neutral data centre provider does not restrict and actively encourages network providers to bring their network into their data centre facility.  This then offers you, the customer, the choice of a variety of bandwidth providers within the colocation facility. This allows customers greater flexibility when choosing the type of connectivity for their specific needs.

Your connectivity contract will usually be direct with the bandwidth provider as will any associated SLAs for uptime guarantees and support – ensuring better response times and communication channels by eliminating any middle man.

Why do you have hot and cold aisles?

Most equipment these days sucks air in at the front and discharges it at the rear in order to cool itself. So, it’s important that equipment is aligned so that the front of the server is in the cold aisle where air is pumped in from under the floor and exits at the rear.

Do LDeX allow mobile phone use in the data centre?


Do you provide internet access within the data centre?

Yes, we provide a wireless network for customer use. There are ‘common area’ hot desks desks which may be used and breakout areas with sofas and TVs

Where can I find technical specifications?

If you go to our resources section you will find all the detail you need, or call us on 0845 370 3510

Do you have an area for me to build my servers?

We understand that building and configuring your servers within the data centre itself is not ideal and can be far from comfortable, which is why we have build a dedicated build room for customers to unbox, build and configure their servers before mounting the equipment into their racks.  As well as being more comfortable this also ensures best practice from a health and safety point of view and keeps cardboard out of the data centre which is both a fire and dust hazard.

Can I eat or drink within the data centre?

Absolutely not!

Eating and drinking is permitted within designated breakout areas.

I need to receive satellite or digital signals to my equipment, can I do this?

Yes.  We have extensive facilities for this purpose.

LDeX Services

Do you provide Service Level Agreements?

A copy of our terms and conditions which include SLAs for the provision of services to our clients can be obtained by contacting the office on 0845 370 3510.

Do you offer support services?

Yes. LDeX provide 24x7x365 remote hands services for ‘within one hour’ emergency response and scheduled engineering work.

What if I want support?

As a customer you will have been provided information on how to make urgent calls and raise help-desk tickets.  Our help-desk is manned 24×7 and is available by phone or email.

Your Racks

Do I need to provide my own rack?

We give you the choice. Provide your own, or take a 48u LDeX rack – it’s up to you.

What about blanking plates?

Gaps in racks can allow hot air from the rear to recirculate inside the rack back to the front heating the air intake to servers and reducing cooling effectiveness. Blanking plates stop this and makes sure the cold airflow is used most effectively.

LDeX install blanking plates for you.

Can I install a phone line or ISDN circuit to my rack?

Yes. We can work with companies such as BT, Virgin Media etc to provide a range of circuits to your rack, including standard telephone lines and high speed voice and data circuits.

Installing Equipment

Who installs the servers in the rack?

You have the choice of installing the servers yourself or taking advantage of our scheduled engineering services.

If you like you can just ship your configured servers to the data centre and we will install the server to your rack so you don’t have to personally make the trip to the data centre.

Do I need to supply rails?

It is good practice to provide your own server racking equipment, which may be specific to the equipment you are using.

Does my equipment need to be rack mounted?

Equipment does not have to be rack mounted. We can provide rack mountable shelves for tower servers and other equipment. If you are unsure about any specialist equipment please call the office on 0845 370 3510 and our technical team will be happy to assist.

Do I need to provide my own switch/router?

Yes. All equipment within the rack is provided by our clients. We do not resell hardware of any type and remain focused on providing the best environment for the server equipment you own.

Provision of Power

What is the power supply connection to my rack?

Unless you have asked for something special, by default each rack is fed by dual 32 Amp single phase commando sockets (IEC 309). If you are not using a rack mounted power strip provided by us please ensure that what you use is rated 32 Amps internally as well as having a 32 Amp plug.  We must install all power strips into the commando sockets under the floor.

Deliveries and Storage

Who installs the servers in the rack?

You have the choice of installing the servers yourself or taking advantage of our scheduled engineering services.

If you like you can just ship your configured servers to the data centre and we will install the server to your rack so you don’t have to personally make the trip to the data centre.

Can you take delivery of my servers/racks?

Yes. We operate a secure delivery system for customer equipment. Please let us know the details of any delivery and we will ensure that we receive the equipment and safeguard it for your installation.

We will let you know it has arrived and store it for you for a temporary period.

Network & Connectivity

Which networks can I connect to within your data centre

Being carrier neutral we provide immediate access to leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 networks within the data centre.  You can request the LDeX connectivity report which will list all those available.

What if the network I want is not ‘on-net’ at your data centre?

If the network provider you are specifically looking for is not listed on our connectivity report we can still connect you to it easily.  We have high capacity and low latency connections to all the leading data centres in Europe which means we can connect to your chosen network seamlessly as if it was in the building.

How do you manage my IP addresses?

We don’t directly.  As a carrier neutral data centre we are able to offer a range of IP transit providers to choose from who will manage this for you. By doing it this way we can concentrate on the facility infrastructure whilst the bandwidth providers are responsible for your connectivity. Your relationship is direct with them.


When can I access my servers?

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Will your staff accompany me to my servers?

Access is provided unaccompanied providing that our secure access procedures are adhered to. LDeX staff will be on hand to provide any assistance required.

Commercial & Contractual

What is the minimum term contract?

Minimum contract length is 12 months. Notice period is at least 1 month prior to the contract anniversary date for cancellation to be effective on the next anniversary date.

Who is responsible for insuring the equipment within the rack?

Insurance of server equipment is our clients’ responsibility. Our secure facilities have features which insurers will be interested to know about and we will be happy to talk to them and provide any details needed; however as we do not own the equipment we are not responsible for it for insurance purposes.

What is the setup fee for?

The setup fee covers the cost of electrical distribution of dual circuits to your server rack(s) and the implementation of power monitoring equipment for you to access via our online system, along with various administration costs.

The setup fee also covers the cost of the physical cabinet which we provide, along with 2 x rack mounted power supply units on diverse distribution paths all the way back to their individual UPS systems.

How, Who and Where Information

How can I obtain colocation space from LDeX?

Just email [email protected] with your requirements or give us a call on 0845 370 3510.