Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

LDeX’s Training Academy

LDeX take the training and continued education of our valuable team seriously, and that’s why we launched the LDeX training academy in 2011, one of the first of its kind. We pride ourselves in putting time into our team members so as they realise their true potential in the time that they are with us, and gain valuable skills to take with them wherever their careers take them.

Our dedicated academy teaches skill sets in various arenas including; data centre build and operation, power and cooling infrastructure, fire detection and suppression, ISP networking, server installation and configuration, structured cabling and sales consultancy.

The care and welfare of our valued team are of paramount importance to us here at LDeX.


Each year, LDeX look at not only making donations to local charities within the local community but also undertake an event to raise support and much needed awareness for that charity.


We recognise that our employees can make a positive contribution to the community through lending their time and expertise to local projects. In recognition of this we arrange for a team of employees to take a day away from the office to assist in a local project once a quarter. These challenges are not only designed to meet the community needs but provide networking and development opportunities for all employees.

Recycling and Energy Management

LDeX are a “Green” company who take recycling and energy management very seriously. As an accredited ISO500001 company, LDeX aim to ensure we reduce the amount of paper and energy we use in the workplace.

We are very keen to promote ‘Green’ corporate practices, so we ensure we recycle paper, plastic and aluminium in all offices.

Clear desk and “if it’s on the screen, don’t waste a ream”

To reduce the amount of paper that is used in LDeX we have a ‘be green and read from the screen” policy that applies to all staff. We also have a ‘clear desk’ policy where every desk must be clear before staff leave which has enabled us to reduce the level of paper we use and also enhance morale the next day. A clear desk leads to a clear mind!