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LDeX Facility & Services Overview  [web-version]



1       Introduction to LDeX

2       Key Services

3       LDeX1 Data Centre Specifications

4.1         About LDeX

4.2         Power

4.3         Cooling

4.4         Fire Protection

4.5         24×7 Security

4.6         24×7 Secure Client Access

4.7         24×7 Support

4.8         Connectivity

5.1         Available Carrier Networks and ISPs

1       Introduction to LDeX

LDeX provide London colocation solutions to clients throughout the Europe looking to outsource their IT equipment within a specialist, optimised data centre environment whilst still maintaining control and ownership over this equipment and their in-house technical resources.

The data centre proposed for this requirement, LDeX1, can provide colocation rack space within its 22,000sq ft purpose built data centre facility, which is privately owned, operated and managed by London Data Exchange Ltd (LDeX).

LDeX data centres provide power protection, high capacity cooling, high levels of security and a wide range of connectivity options to protect hosted client equipment from elements that would otherwise cause server downtime and thus ensures continuous availability of data, applications and Information Technology resources.

LDeX data centres are ‘Carrier Neutral’.  Being Carrier Neutral means LDeX encourage network providers to bring their networks directly into LDeX facilities to sell their network products direct to the LDeX client base.  This creates a competitive network marketplace within LDeX data centres and results in an unbiased choice from a wide range of providers offering higher network performance at lower cost.

Clients benefit from best of breed infrastructure and through LDeX economies of scale realise significant advantages utilising technology that would otherwise be cost ineffective within a private data centre.

As an ‘independent’ provider LDeX demonstrate a high level of flexibility and agility on behalf of clients, and provide colocation solutions and services through consultancy and understanding of needs and wants rather than selling off the shelf, one-size-fits-all products.

High levels of security and quality of infrastructure and management processes enable LDeX clients to implicitly trust LDeX as their colocation partner and look after the equipment which delivers their core services.

2       Key Services

As a pure-play colocation and data centre services provider, LDeX’s key services are:

Racks, Cages and Suites – flexible solutions for renting data centre space from a single rack to dedicated IT suites, underpinned by highly efficient cooling, resilient power, fire protection and multiple layers of security

Data Centre Services – all colocation packages include standard 24/7/365 manned helpdesk, 24/7/365 technical support engineers and service level agreement (SLA) guaranteed response times. Standard support is further enhanced by network operations centre (NOC) based systems for monitoring and management, and providing emergency response to client-initiated requests.

Carrier Neutral Connectivity – LDeX1 is carrier-neutral, enabling clients to choose between multiple connectivity offerings ranging from a global carriers Point of Presence (POP) to bandwidth from leading connectivity aggregators.  LDeX encourage a marketplace for telecommunications services within its data centres, carrier-neutrality is a key differentiator for LDeX.

Key services underpinned by state-of-the-art data centre infrastructure:

Power – high-capacity electricity supplies with backup from 2N uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) systems and diesel generators with a minimum of 1 week’s fuel supply on site.  The onsite substation is dual fed on a ring from two independent upstream primary substations.

Cooling – facilities are equipped with high-capacity air conditioning systems supported by an environmentally intelligent approach to energy efficiency, including cold aisle containment and intelligent DX or chilled water condensers, to help deliver a PUE of ~1.3 in a minimum configuration of N+1.

Security – a combined physical approach to security including 24/7/365 onsite SIA accredited security guards and total perimeter protection and a technical approach including CCTV, biometric & facial recognition access systems and monitored intruder alert systems, overlaid with audited security access process and procedures.

Fire Security – Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) and FM200 suppression equipment throughout the facilities ensure fire security that is non-destructive to client systems.

3       LDeX1 Data Centre Specifications

The Facility Address LDeX1, The Oxgate Centre, Staples Corner London, NW2 7JA
Power Mains Mains feeds from dedicated substation, dual fed from two independent primary substations upstream
UPS N+N Configuration 3 string Chloride UPS
Generators Diesel generation with 72 hours fuel supply on site
Rack Power True N+N 32/16amp supplies in A+B configuration
Cooling Air Conditioning N+1 High capacity air conditioning systems
Cooling SLAs Maintain cold air temperature 18-23deg C +/- 3degC
Rack Layout Cold aisle containment
Environment Efficiency P.U.E < 1.35
Security Guards 24×7 On site manned security
Access 24×7 Audited & secure access procedures
Features Full height perimeter security fence & electronic car-park gateCCTV, Intruder alarms, proximity readers on all doorsFacial recognition biometric readers
Support Remote Hands 24×7­­ Fully qualified site engineers
Additional Support Tape rotation, managed firewall, cabling, rack migration, scheduled services
Connectivity Carrier Neutral Multiple leading Tier1 & Tier2 network providers utilising diverse routes into the data centre
Amenities Parking Ample and free onsite parking for visitors
Delivery & Storage Dedicated secure delivery & storage areas
Other Client lounge, dedicated build areas, storage areas, meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, hot desks

4.1    About LDeX1

LDeX’s new LDeX1 data centre at Staples Corner, London, is an enterprise class, carrier neutral colocation facility owned, operated and managed by LDeX.

With over 400 server racks worth of premium carrier neutral data centre space, LDeX1 is the ultimate hosting environment for business critical server equipment.

The data centre can accommodate bespoke requirements in secure shared areas, dedicated private suites and completely separated zones.

4.2       Power

A dedicated, private HV substation provides 2MW initial power to the facility with power available for future expansion.  All racks are backed up by redundant N+N, 3 string UPS systems, which regulate and condition the incoming supply, and diesel generators that can run for several days if necessary.

Received from the primary mains supplies, the electrical power is then fed through the high efficiency N+N UPS systems and into the building. Should an issue with the mains supply occur, the N+N UPS systems will automatically take the entire IT load of the building, providing ample time for the generators to start up and seamlessly take the full load of client equipment, air conditioning systems and the PDUs (Power Distribution Units). The PDUs house the 32amp circuit breakers for the presentation of power to individual racks. Once mains power is restored, our switchgear will automatically manage the return of incoming power from generators to UPS protected mains.

N+N UPS means that each rack is fed by two independent feeds from two individual UPS banks.  Therefore, the failure of an entire UPS bank can be endured without any impact to client service.  N+N configuration ensures we can carry out maintenance on sections of the power supply without impacting IT load to customer equipment as each rack is powered by two independent distribution paths from the mains supply.

4.3       Cooling

Rack space is cooled with high capacity air conditioning systems, maintaining a constant input temperature of 22°C throughout, keeping the servers cool and running at the ideal temperature.

Under-floor systems ensure effective distribution and management of air-flow, controlling temperature locally as demanded by higher/lower powered equipment throughout the data centre.

Bespoke cold aisle containment ensures the cold air supplied to the front of the servers is contained with maximum efficiency, contributing to LDeX’s industry leading PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of ~1.35, which in turn delivers major cost advantages to clients.

All major components of the cooling systems are redundant ensuring continuity of cooling in the event of mechanical parts failure.

4.4       Fire Protection

VESDA smoke detection systems are installed across the site to act as an early warning system to any potential fire developing. VESDA provides the earliest possible warning of an imminent fire hazard, buying valuable time to investigate, take action and avoid the danger, damage and disruption potentially caused by a developing fire. VESDA monitors the entire progression of a fire - easily detecting it long before smoke is visible.

Sensitive smoke detectors are positioned throughout the data centres and under the raised floors, ensuring that any potential fire is detected and the affected area identified. FM200 fire extinguishing gaseous suppressants take the energy out of the fire within seconds of it developing. The suppressants LDeX uses are non-destructive, environmentally friendly and safe for human exposure.

Fires are extinguished rapidly, typically knocking out class A, B and C fires in less than 10 seconds. This minimises atmospheric toxicity and the generation of smoke and soot.

4.5       24×7 Security

LDeX1 is a highly secure facility, with all visitor activity tracked and monitored to ensure LDeX’s client equipment is safe around the clock.

Security features include;

  • Externally monitored CCTV & alarm systems utilising virtual tripwire technology, full police integration & automatic number-plate recognition cameras.
  • Anti-tailgating man-traps
  • Facial recognition scanners
  • 24x7x365 integrated systems and processes
  • 2.5m high perimeter fence and full height electric gate
  • Motion detection
  • Intruder alarms
  • Internal and external CCTV recorded for 90 days
  • 24×7 on site static guards

4.6       24×7 Secure Client Access

Access to LDeX facilities is available 24 hours a day – seven days a week and all year round, and is gained by facial recognition biometrics or valid photographic ID, which is exchanged for an electronic swipe card allowing entry into pre-determined areas of the building.

Individual visitor activity is recorded. Access can be requested and authorised for third party engineers and visitors through a secure entry procedure.

Facial recognition scanners take an image of each and every access attempt through critical doors and controlling software stores a log of all attempts and images for up to 90 days.

4.7       24×7 Support

LDeX1 provide fully qualified support staff 24×7, who are always ready to be responsive to client needs.

LDeX operates a first line remote hands service to support the quick resolution of simple emergencies, and additional services such as managed firewalls, tape backups, consultation and cabling services. Fully qualified engineers and strict SLAs offer clients the confidence that their technology is safe in LDeX’s hands.

Furthermore, all emergency response Remote Hands services are included within your standard contract price at no additional cost.

4.8       Connectivity

A carrier neutral approach is essential to offer full network flexibility. LDeX1 is located in a prime London location, which boasts the best available internet connectivity. A choice of Tier1 and Tier2 networks is available, plus dark fibre circuits from multiple providers with diverse entry points into the building.

Please contact your Account Manager for details of network providers available on site which include Level3, Geo, Cogent, Virgin Media, BT