In a world where data security and availability is paramount, the IT platform from which the data is delivered and stored is hugely important.  LDeX data centres provide robust physical and technical security features within enterprise class data centres in the economic capital of Europe.

Our levels of efficiency and investment into technology and processes that really do benefit the environment means that moving your servers to an LDeX data centre will immediately boost your own environmental credentials as well as immediately lowering your carbon footprint.  LDeX is the only UK based independent data centre provider to hold the ISO50001 certification for quality of energy management and processes.

We are experts in server room relocation and consolidation and will use our years of experience to meet the business goals of your data centre.


  • ISO9001, ISO50001, ISO27001
  • Dedicated halls and caged environments available
  • Ultimate security features such as volumetric man-trap portals and biometric entry checks
  • Complete perimiter security with high security fencing surrounding the self contained building
  • 24×7 site security backed up by remote CCTV monitoring station
  • High capacity, diverse fibre providers for extreme and low latency data transfer
  • Direct access to leading Internet Exchanges to ensure fastest route data delivery and access
  • High power availability for demanding server technology

What are the benefits?

  • Faster and more reliable delivery and transmission of your data
  • Complete physical protection against theft of equipment and data
  • Safeguard and increase your brand’s reputation by protecting the availability of your data and online presence
  • Security procedures designed to satisfy the most stringent of security audits
  • PCI-DSS compliant data centre
  • Located within the economic Capital of Europe

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