Fixed power pricing on colocation and network services

Switch on to fixed energy pricing until 2017

LDeX recently secured energy pricing at its London based LDeX 1 datacentre facility until 2017 offering current and prospective clients piece of mind as and operational cost guarantees that are important when running energy intensive server and storage infrastructure.

With power and cooling for a typical Data Centre colocation provider accounting for over 60% of costs, this allows LDeX to fix pricing for clients’ power consumption, racks and network services while wholesale energy markets are particularly volatile.

Both enterprise clients and service providers from the Cloud, Hosting, Managed services & SaaS sectors will now be able to offer their internal stakeholders and end-users guarantees around OPEX and end-user pricing for the next three years.

The move reinforces LDeX’s commitment to best-practice around Energy Management through its’ ISO50001 certification, 100% renewable energy use and Industry leading PUE levels.

“As we continue to work towards better operational efficiencies around Energy Management, we expect LDeX 1 to run at Industry leading PUE levels, the cost savings of which we will pass on to clients in reduced power costs. This commitment along with securing Energy pricing for the next 3 years makes LDeX 1 a highly attractive partner for clients looking for best-of-breed colocation solutions.” - Patrick Doyle, COO at LDeX Group

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