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The client - Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services provides a wide range of enterprise network solutions for companies of all sizes including hosted services, software and hardware management/monitoring and cloud consulting.

The company provides the widest range of enterprise network solutions for companies of all sizes, whilst working to the highest quality you’ll find on the market.


I would be delighted to recommend LDeX as a trusted reliable colocation and network services provider. The skills, knowledge and expertise of the senior management team is unparalleled and the quality of the facility, location, connectivity and support is great making it one of the most impressive data centres I have come across so far in the greater London region.

Tayo Dada, Managing Director, Managed IT Services

Since deploying our infrastructure on premise at LDeX, Managed IT Services has not suffered any outages to its systems which is imperative for upholding our strong reputation in providing reliable services in our clients’ environments.

Tayo Data, Managing Director, Managed IT Services

The Challenge: To find cost effective reliable colocation outside of central London

Having worked with numerous datacentres in the past, Managed IT Services needed to find a data centre operator which was able to provide cost effective, reliable colocation datacentre space for the company outside of central London. An impressive track record in uptime was a must and access to the management team was imperative from a technical and operational perspective in keeping the team updated with what was happening with the company’s servers and if any work needed to be done on the rack.

Due to the nature of the company’s business, ultra-fast low latency is imperative as it operates in hosted services covering private cloud and business continuity solutions, it needed a provider which had reliable bandwidth with an impressive track record in terms of its connectivity.

Prior to moving its infrastructure into LDeX, Managed IT Services had numerous outages in the datacentres where its servers and systems had been stored which had an impact on the company’s corporate reputation.


The Solution

Access to the senior management team

Having spoken with the senior management team at LDeX, the team at Managed IT Services were particularly impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the senior management team who were more than happy to impart advice and support to the company. Managed IT Services decided to move to the data centre provider after an impressive initial meeting and an onsite tour of the premises.

Ultra-fast connectivity

The team was particularly impressed with the connectivity in the data centre which they found to be on par with another data centre that the company had previously used in central London. They also found LDeX’s datacentre and network services had a more attractive price point than other data centres which they had previously encountered.

Strong Industry Accreditations

LDeX’s ISO accreditations were attractive to Managed IT Services and in particular the company’s ISO 27001 accreditation around Information Security Management . As the company represents clients who demand ultra-fast low latency and a superior level of information security in multiple verticals including hedgefunds, insurance, chambers of commerce and ecommerce sites, the team needed to use a reputable data centre provider who adhered to industry standards in providing this piece of mind to clients.

Excellent remote hands support

The remote hands support that the company has received to date has been very impressive. As the Managed IT Services office is based in central London, the team had found that it was not always easy to drop everything and go to the datacentre and work on the infrastructure due to security procedures that needed to be adhered to in terms of access requirements – it usually takes a minimum of two to three hours before you are able to access the premises.

LDeX enables the company to be able to let the onsite engineers, who are trained to CCIE level, work on the infrastructure when needed and keeps the team informed them about the work that has been done. This gives the company significant piece of mind knowing that one of its engineers can drop off equipment at the data centre and the technical team at LDeX will work on it without any hassle.

The amalgamation of Ping Networks and London Data Exchange

Bandwidth is particularly important to the company as it provides a large hosted exchange environment catering to customers demanding millisecond latency – the team found that the amalgamation of Ping Networks and London Data Exchange brought the two worlds of infrastructure and IP together that one step closer making it an attractive offering to the team.


The Results

Zero downtime

Since deploying its infrastructure on premise at LDeX, the company has not suffered any outages to its’ systems which is imperative for Managed IT Services in upholding its reputation in providing reliable services in its’ clients’ environments.

Addition of AWS Cloud Services

With the recent addition of AWS Cloud Services to the data centre via euNetworks, it has meant that the company has been able to reduce storage costs and also able to offer private cloud services to its’ clients which is a big advantage.

Hassle free remote hands service

Also, if any work needs to be done to the rack, the technical team at LDeX is able to address the company’s colocation and network connectivity needs within an hour and do requested work to the rack without any hassle.

Improved our market proposition

Working with LDeX has enabled the company to be able to market itself as a more attractive managed IT services provider offering piece of mind to its customers around its low latency service ensuring secure reliable connectivity and bandwidth. More importantly, it has quality datacentre facilities with a capacity of 5MVA with direct access to AWS Cloud Services outside of central London. LDeX is a solutions company where the staff are always willing to offer support and advice when needed.

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