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Airedale Announces Partnership with London Data Exchange

Airedale announces partnership with London Data Exchange in cooling new £5m data centre and reducing PUE below 1.3

Leeds, UK, February 2, 2012

Leading UK provider of data centre cooling solutions, Airedale International Air Conditioning, has announced that it has been chosen by London Data Exchange (LDeX), providers of network independent colocation solutions and data centres, as its cooling partner.

LDeX1 carbon neutral £5m data centre

Global manufacturer Airedale has designed a low energy, resilient cooling solution for LDeX1, a brand new purpose-built, carbon neutral £5million data centre facility, due to open in April 2012 and located in north London, close to the Staples Corner junction of the M1.

Airedale’s fully integrated cooling solution comprises highly efficient, high capacity SmartCool precision air conditioning systems across three data halls and externally mounted condensers and DeltaChill free-cooling chillers.

In the first phase, four 100kW SmartCool dual circuit units are each linked to two Airedale CR65 condensers. The SmartCool will provide under floor cold aisle delivery at a constant 22°C to contained cold aisles for maximum efficiency. The SmartCool feature speed controllable fans and multiple cooling stages for exact capacity match, saving substantial amounts of energy when operating at part load.

Energy savings will be increased further in the next phase when four 280kW DeltaChill FreeCool dual circuit chillers will supply ten chilled water 110kW SmartCool units. In the elevated temperatures of data centres, the DeltaChill FreeCool can provide concurrent free-cooling for up to 95% of the year. The chillers also features microchannal coils, reducing their space claim by up to 13%. Throughout the facility both the SmartCool and DeltaChill will offer n + 1 redundancy.

To maximise the SmartCool’s cooling potential; reduce hot spots and prevent hot return air mixing with the room air, each SmartCool unit will be supplied with a 1150mm duct extension connecting into a 600mm ceiling void that is supplied via return air ceiling grilles above the hot aisles. The cooling solution will be fully controlled and optimised for maximum efficiency by Airedale Controls Integrated System (ACIS).

PUE less than 1.3 – achieving environmental and carbon reduction goals

Says LDeX chief executive officer, Rob Garbutt: “We have invested in Airedale’s latest chilled water and DX cooling technologies for the most efficient solutions, enabling us to target PUE of less than 1.3. Our environmentally responsible approach and carbon neutral status helps our clients take a huge step towards their own environmental goals and carbon reduction commitments.”

“Continued operation of our clients’ IT infrastructure and ensuring availability of their data is paramount. We offer them complete redundancy on all critical infrastructures to ensure we can maintain suitable temperatures in the event of equipment failure or planned maintenance. Airedale provides us with a fully integrated cooling solution designed for maximum efficiency and critical redundancy.

Finding the right cooling solution with experienced engineers

“In developing the cooling solution with Airedale, we have worked closely with sales engineer Paul Golding. His approach has been instrumental in LDeX choosing Airedale. He has come up with the ideas at the start and put us back on track when we’ve deviated from the best route. We trust his expertise and feel comfortable working with him and with Airedale.”

Says Airedale sales director Paul Oliver: “We are delighted to be working with LDeX. We have worked with them on previous data centre projects and both Airedale and LDeX understand the need forhigh quality, low energy cooling solutions that exceed the needs of data centres, today and in the future. “

The 22,000 square feet LDeX1 is located within the M25 and will offer a wide range of enterprise grade colocation solutions from a quarter rack up to dedicated private halls to suit data centre and London colocation needs. It is one of only a few new colocation data centres in north London.