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LDeX Launch ‘DCaaS’ - Where Colocation Meets the Cloud

London, January 26th 2012, London Data Exchange Ltd

London colocation provider, London Data Exchange (LDeX), today announced the launch of their new trademarked cloud colocation service ‘DCaaS’ – Data Centre as a Service.  The DCaaS service is aimed at cloud and on demand IT service providers deploying their cloud infrastructure within a specialist third party data centre facility.

The DCaaS model is designed to eliminate the need to estimate data centre power usage and to pay for the reservation of power regardless of actual usage. DCaaS is also intended to provide a relative billing methodology that’s easily transferred to the cloud provider’s own charging model.

Users of the DCaaS service pay a monthly subscription fee for a short term rolling service contract.  This subscription allocates the subscriber dedicated space within an LDeX data centre with 3kW power reserved at no cost.  A metered pricing
model is then applied that takes into account the relative usage of data centre infrastructure and network used during a monthly period within DCaaS subscribed racks.

Matthew Edgley, Director of Sales and Marketing at LDeX comments;  “The concept behind on demand technology and cloud computing is that resource utilisation changes and is always available on demand.  In an ideal world so should the relative costs of using a data centre colocation service. With DCaaS, LDeX provide a solution that guarantees customers only pay for the relative data centre infrastructure that is utilised and so there’s no charge for power or space reservation.  Efficiency is also rewarded as more efficient technology equals less power and infrastructure resources used and therefore less cost.

There is still the requirement for standard colocation models where it’s understood how much power per rack is required and of course we accommodate this, but the DCaaS model enables cost effective growth up to the point where a standard colocation model makes more sense.  At this point the DCaaS rack is converted to a standard colocation contract and a new unit can be allocated based on the low commitment DCaaS model and the growth cycle starts again within the new unit.”

As standard, LDeX DCaaS subscribers will benefit from the LDeX data centre infrastructure which includes N+N UPS and diesel generator power protection, resilient N+1 high capacity cooling and 24×7 access and security.

LDeX have recently announced plans to open a new colocation only facility in North London which will provide 400 racks from April 2012.

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Director of Sales and Marketing

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